Being the mom of three boys myself, I know how quickly precious moments fly by. My desire to capture these fleeting moments is what drove my love of photography. Over the last eight years, I have crafted my niche and style of photography into what I love most: simple, classic and timeless. 


The journey was an unexpected one, but one that has been built on love. Love of photography and the unique, love for tiny humans and the love of making things and people look and feel beautiful. 


I strive to make my sessions both informative....and fun. Laughter and joy are the greatest gifts of life and should be documented in a beautiful and artistic way for the current and next generations to appreciate. 

I encourage you to search my site and get a sense and feel of my style of photography. The most important thing to me is that each one of my clients knows and loves what it is that I do. You will not find an over use of props and themed sets in my work. You will also not find a lot of what has been traditionally known as 'formal' sets and photos. My focus is the simplicity and the beauty of the milestone. Take a tour, get to know me and my work, and I hope to be able to help you build the session of your dreams.